Self Managed Super Fund Mentoring

Self Managed Super Fund Mentoring

When I turned 50, I started a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). I decided to do this so I could take control of my portfolio giving me greater control over where to invest, when to invest, and how to invest. Rather than be restricted by traditional superannuation funds I enjoy being able to choose what asset classes to invest in and also being able to select between local ASX listed stocks and ETF’s. I invest overseas, in industry sectors and in different styles.

These are the primary advantages of managing your own SMSF.

  • Cost: it can be cost effective to manage your own SMSF.


  • Control: you gain the option of investing in overseas markets, sectors, or regions using ETF’s or individual stocks or fund managers.


  • Choice: you can invest more widely than being restricted to what your current superannuation fund invests in.


Commencing a SMSF is relatively easy and anyone can do it. It is not necessary to have a large amount of money in your superannuation fund to start a SMSF.

I will be happy to show you a range of options and you don’t need the much touted $300,000 to start.

The administration of the funds are quite easy these days which many companies to choose from who can take care of the administrative arrangement usually for a small fee.

So let me provide the skills, knowledge and confidence for you to manage your own SMSF

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